My love, it was an imaginary cat


City Map Illustrations | by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

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"It’s easy to work with James. It’s not like we need to discuss anything beforehand. If I’ve got an idea, I don’t have to warn him that I’m going to do something ‘cause I know he’ll react to it in the scene. It’s just a very responsive experience, and I think a very relaxed working relationship that we’ve got as well. We were just bummed that we didn’t have more stuff to do, really." - Michael Fassbender


This Shiba Inu lives and is “employed” at a little cigarette shop in Japan ( maybe Musashi-Koganei cigarette shop at 3 Chome Nukui Kitamichi Koganei, Tokyo ).

He is locally famous because he opens the window and greets customers when they come to buy cigarettes.

He also has a little resting place right below the counter, where he likes to hang out and chew on cucumber. He likes to nap on cucumber too also very good friends :))

Clip here: Hello! Canie help You?! ^_^

Chú chó bán thuốc lá….:D